ACE. Accelerated Christian Education. Individualised, programmed-learning curriculum based on behaviorist pedagogy and fundamentalist Christian beliefs, that runs from pre-school to A-level equivalent (that’s grade K-12 in the USA).

CEE. Christian Education Europe. The assorted fools and loonies who thought it would be a good idea to bring Accelerated Christian Education to the UK and Europe.

ICCE. International Certificate of Christian Education. The certificate ACE students are given on graduation in the UK, Europe, and various other parts of the world. The Advanced certificate is allegedly equivalent to A-levels. I disagree, which is what started this whole thing.

Naric. On this site, always refers to UK Naric unless otherwise stated. National Academic Recognition Information Centre. A national agency, managed on behalf of the UK government. Their job is to provide information to employers, universities, and individuals about the relative value of international qualifications. In 2008, they judged the ICCE certificates to be equivalent to Cambridge International (CIE) qualifications.

PACEs. Packet of Accelerated Christian Education. These are the workbooks used by ACE students. Each one contains all the information the student needs to know, as well as exercises to complete, and a test which the student must complete before progressing to the next PACE.

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