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A list of articles about Accelerated Christian Education

Accelerated Christian Education Wikipedia. Not Wikipedia’s finest entry, as you will see from the array of clean-up notices. I sometimes think about sorting it out, but I’m hardly the neutral man for the job. Some excellent quotes in the criticism section (although not enough, in my view).

Christian fundamentalists fighting spiritual battle in Parliament The Telegraph, 17 May 2008. BAFTA-winning filmmaker David Modell talks about his documentary In God’s Name, in which he visits an ACE school, among other things.

Creationist exams comparable to international A levels The Guardian, 31 July 2009. News story about Naric’s benchmarking of ICCE certificates.

Diary – Richard Dawkins New Statesman 30 January 2006. Following his visit to an ACE school for his Root of All Evil TV series, Dawkins receives an excellent anecdote about an ACE student from his colleagues.

Divine and rule The Guardian, 27 August 2005. Natasha Walter visits an ACE school. She also gets the opinions of Professor Harry Brighouse, University of Wisconsin, and Professor David Berliner, University of Arizona.

Educational psychology meets the Christian right David C. Berliner, Arizona State University. An in-depth study by Berliner looking at the ideas and ideology that give rise to fundamentalist education systems, including ACE.

Fight for the truth about old Noah Times Education Supplement, 13 January 2006. Following Richard Dawkins’ visit to an ACE school, the TES discusses ACE’s Creationism.

Fundamental errors with evangelist schools Times Education Supplement, 7 August 2009. Article by me on the experience of attending an ACE school.

Fundamentalist exams on a par with A levels Times Education Supplement, 31 July 2009. News story about Naric’s benchmarking of ICCE certificates.

Fundamentalist exams on par with A levels? The Lay Scientist, 29 September 2009. Blog discussing Naric’s decision, including a full reprint of my original letter to Naric.

Nessie evangelists: what might lurk in the murky depths. Times Education Supplement, 7 August 2009. Letter in response to the TES’ 31 July article from a Sussex University science professor. A search for “Nessie evangelists” on the TES website will bring up two more letters on this subject, one from an ACE teacher and one from a less charitable observer.

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